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main facts: star trek, supernatural, walking dead, xmfc, the eagle, battlestar galactica, psych, my mad fat diary.
secondary facts: not one single fuckin breath of teen wolf or glee
tertiary facts: i like sherlock but don't talk about it, and i watched doctor who until the 11th doctor so you'll see 9 and 10 stuff mostly. i sometimes reblog avengers. i like buffy, so if that's on my dash i'll reblog it. i haven't seen the hobbit but i'm an LOTR fan, so you'll get that.
quarternary facts: u gon get a shit ton of social justice and random shit.
i just want you to know what you're in for.

Racebent Supernatural:

  • Michael Ealy as Dean
  • John Cho as Castiel
  • Aldis Hodge as Sam
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#aldis hodge  #michael ealy  #john cho  #supernatural  #racebent  #my edits  #i know it's not that great but i want some poc in my show dammit  #also JOHN CHO WOULD BE PERFECT OKAY 
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