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main facts: star trek, supernatural, walking dead, xmfc, the eagle, battlestar galactica, psych, my mad fat diary.
secondary facts: not one single fuckin breath of teen wolf or glee
tertiary facts: i like sherlock but don't talk about it, and i watched doctor who until the 11th doctor so you'll see 9 and 10 stuff mostly. i sometimes reblog avengers. i like buffy, so if that's on my dash i'll reblog it. i haven't seen the hobbit but i'm an LOTR fan, so you'll get that.
quarternary facts: u gon get a shit ton of social justice and random shit.
i just want you to know what you're in for.

This revelation explains a lot for someone who’s trying to understand why he’s always been on the outside. Why was he never fully accepted into this family. He connects this, immediately, with the fact that he’s this product of this terrible act of rape and incest. 

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Mom: “I’m at the store do you need anything ?”

Mom: “I’m at the store do you need anything ?”

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Nobody hates the hipsters at Coachella more than Katy Perry

I find Katy Perry talking about anyone laughable

this bitch.

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